A short history

Martin and Gideon met in 2021 and quickly discovered they had a similar interest in creating websites.

Both were frustrated working on websites that were not conceived, designed or built to high standards.

9 times out of 10 it’s cheaper and easier to build a building from scratch – from the off it can be designed to do exactly what’s required of it, rather than renovating/repurposing an old building.

They worked out quite quickly that it was often quicker – and cheaper for clients, to build a fresh website rather than update the old one.

We also worked out that we shared similar values – build the best, build it well and build things economically so clients see the return on their investment as quickly as possible.

Many web companies build websites with a ‘fire and forget’ approach – they launch websites without doing as much as can be done to ensure they get maximum visibility and maximum ability to deliver what the organisation needs to get from the website.

This is why every website we build comes with a free Launch Pack’ – a package of actions and options that have proven effective at making websites work as well as they can do.

Many web companies will tell you they work with data; very few companies employ a statistician to continually check that the data being collected and the decisions being driven by it are accurate.

Martin - developing

Martin has been involved in various role in IT services industry since 2011. 

Primarily working in the online learning sector, Martin consulted across a wide range of private and public sector organisations helping clients to build build robust learning solutions to support staff in current and future roles. Working across the entire learning ecosystem – ‘technology adoption’, hard & soft skills – he was able to develop innovative blended learning solutions for organisatsions from 50 – 50,000+ employees.

From 2015, Martin worked as a freelance web developer working with world-leading frameworks including WordPress, Drupal, Moodle, and Joomla. In this role, he offered design, build, hosting and support services to small and medium sized businesses and built up a solid and loyal client base.

From 2019, Martin ‘took the plunge’ and set-up a new web development business focussed around building solid WordPress site fit for the 21st century.  Dorset Web Design continues the journey but with extra SEO expertise and resources.

Gideon - marketing

Gideon has been involved in website development and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) since 2006.

He was the director of a website development company in Bristol, contributing to the development of hundreds of websites and the director of an App Development company producing Apps for Fortune 500 companies, TV and film studios and the NHS.

He has specialised in web optimisation for:

  • Medical – private hospitals; consultant surgeons; healthcare services and brands
  • Business – engineering, training and safety
  • Professional – solicitors and accountants

for over a decade.

Julian - writing

Julian has 30 years’ experience in researching, writing and editing across a wide range of media. Qualified with a first-class honours degree in Writing and English Literature, he is the author of two literary guides and numerous short stories.

Julian has worked in prisons as a writer in residence and creative arts facilitator and has 30 years’ experience of writing magazine features, articles and web content for leading European publications, including Spotlight and Business Spotlight.

Kessia - designing

Kessia has over 20 years experience in her field. Trained in design for electronic media she spent her first ten years as an illustrator before concentrating on graphic design incorporating; magazine and catalogue production, packaging, POS, animation, photography and branding.

Nathan - analysing

Nathan is a PhD student in Statistics at the University of Warwick. He has held Data Science positions at the University and in industry.

He contributed significantly to the University of Warwick’s application for the Athena Swan Bronze Award on Racial Equality.

In industry he proved to be an irreplaceable asset providing insights and building models appropriate to the patterns in the data.

Nathan has strong theoretical knowledge underpinning his statistical practise as well as an advanced knowledge of R for applying statistical routines to Big Data.